Tobaggoning and sled riding have always been popular, but is only possible during the winter and with enough snow. The mountaincart, which was developed by us more than 10 years ago, is a fun sport device you can enjoy a unique driving experience with all year round. It is completely produced in our family-owned company in the upper Bavarian town Bad Aibling, near the highway junction between Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck.

The mountaincart can be found in more than 20 countries world-wide. Over 1 million rides with our mountaincart speak for its success. More and more families are enjoying the mountaincart, which can be hired at mountain railways, sports rental shops, bike parks, outdoor event companies and mountain lodges.

Safety of our customers has top priority in the production of our mountaincart which includes the following features:
  • a low center of gravity and a wide wheel base for high driving stability
  • unique hydraulic disc brakes (dual-circuit braking system) for extra safety when going down long steep routes
  • an ergonomically designed seat ensures a relaxed ride
  • high quality aluminum construction of the mountaincart allows for easy handling and makes it easier to pull the cart up the mountain.

Therefore families with kids, the elderly and of course the young active sports lovers as well as those who participate in World and European Championships in racing are among our fans.

Our commercial customers appreciate the marketing success of our mountaincart. Lift operators report an increase in lift rides in the summer by more than 50 percent and the rental stores find they have up to 1000 downhill rides daily. The flexibility of the mountaincart is especially appreciated:
  • it can dash down forest paths, meadows, dirt and tarmac roads
  • it is easy to transport with chairlifts and the cable car, drag lifts/t-bars as well as on the trailer of a car

Deciding on a mountaincart is an investment which won't hurt your budget and is considerate of the environment!

Experience the unique thrill of a ride with the mountaincart:
  • at one of the numerous mountaincart rental stores on a slope – decide for yourself whether you want to walk up the hill or use the ropeway
  • or book an organized tour with a mountaincart event operator
or buy one for yourself in our mountaincart shop in Bad Aibling/Germany.